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A little support will save Asia from child labor to school

Support Posted on Sun, January 14, 2018 16:52:41

11-year-old Asia Akter was studying in grade 6. Asia is the eldest of 3 siblings. They live in a small room of a tin shed slum house along with her parents. Asia is a very polite and brilliant student. She has attended the Alingan project since its beginning and has participated in all the activities of the project.

Her father (40) works as rickshaw driver and her mother works as housemaid. It’s getting almost impossible for her family to continue the cost of her studies after fulfilling the basic needs such as food, house rent etc. Therefore, Asia has had to leave school and start working as a housemaid to support the family financially. After talking to her, it was pathetic to see how she wanted to attend school in preference to working. All she wants is to continue her studies and make a better career so that she can lift her family from the poverty. She has to start working with tears.

It’s still not too late to get her admitted to new school year if she is being supported for her studies. Her family is happy to send her back to school if her school tuition fees and basic needs are supported.

Asia is a genuine girl like so many other slum children who are being forced to work to survive. The helpless families wait until their children are just about old enough to work because they are not able to afford their basic needs. A little help can bring those underprivileged children to their right destiny and to break the cycle of their poverty.

An estimate of monthly costs for Asia is:

Education and Tuition- € 10
Food & Medications – € 15
Clothing and supplement- € 5
Average amount needed per month= € 30

The contribution to Asia can be made monthly/quarterly to the following project account:

Account name: Alingan Foundation
Account Nummber/ IBAN: BE61363162269017

Project’s account address:
Mechelsesteenweg 23/22
2018 AntwerpenBelgium (EU)

You can also make your donation online via paypal or credit card as mentioned in the link:

Let’s educate 100 slum children

Support Posted on Wed, June 21, 2017 13:13:47

The object of this project is to help 100 slum children in Bangladesh for their education. These are primarily orphans and children growing up in slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who are vulnerable and under-privileged and often in dire need of education, basic medical care, food and clothing. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. If we can make this work, we will be nearer our aim that poverty will disappear from the world and everyone will live a standard life in equality.

Child labor in Bangladesh is huge and that comes from the need to survive with their families. Many children live with their families, either on the streets or in slum houses. Other children live on their own because they have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents. Children also run away from their families or carers, fleeing poverty and physical abuse, and end up living and working alone on the streets.

To break the ongoing cycle of poverty of the slum dwellers we have found that the only way that we can guarantee the children a better future, is through providing a solid education. We believe that through education, slum children can grow up with the knowledge and ability to break the cycle of poverty in their whole community. We expect to ensure a better education for them and provide all related support to allow them to go to school.

We are determined to cover 100 children under educational support and ensure the support continues until they complete their studies. After completing their studies, they will be capable of finding a better career and will be able to bring their whole family out of the slum where they can find the light of their life, live with dignity and with full protection of their basic human rights.

It was pretty challenging to establish the “Alingan Foundation” project and let it run to support the children for their education. We were not able to collect a sufficient fund to support our listed 100 children overall in the last year, but we tried our best to support some children based on their most essential needs. We are hoping to cover all the children under support until they finish their school till graduation so that they are able to find a good career and leave poverty forever.

A little contribution and support from you would help and encourage us to go ahead with the long-term prospect of breaking the cycle of poverty of slum dwellers through education.

For more information and to make your contribution, please visit the website:

Christmas Greetings!

Support Posted on Sat, December 10, 2016 16:51:29

The children of Alingan Founation wish you a very happy Christmas!

“May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round”.

The Christmas season is a good time to start thinking about helping other people. This includes providing food, clothing and other basic needs for the children to enable them to experience the joy of the Christmas Season, giving warmth, love and hope: a time to share our good fortune with our neighbors in need across the world.

Let’s make this holiday season special by helping a child’s dream come true.

Any donation option will help grant the wishes of children for their essential basic needs:

Donate any amount of money which can be used to provide some food, winter clothes, shoes and other essential things. Slum children in Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable. Many are sleeping on the cold ground wearing cotton shirts and a simple cough can quickly escalate into something much more serious. Some children are suffering from various common diseases and lack proper treatment. A little help can protect them from this suffering.

Support children on a regular basis for their education. To break their ongoing cycle of poverty we have found that the only way that we can guarantee the children a better future, is through providing a solid education. We believe that through education, slum children can grow up with the knowledge and ability to break the cycle of poverty in their whole community.

(1 euro can feed 2 slum children for a day!)

You can make your money donation to the following:

Account name: Alingan Foundation
Account Nummber/ IBAN: BE61363162269017

Project’s account address:
Mechelsesteenweg 23/22
2018 Antwerpen
Belgium (EU)

To make your contribution via paypal or credit card, please check the donation page of the website:

For more information regarding the project and programs, please have a look in the website:

Thanks for staying with us.

Little Ashraful is under better treatment!

Support Posted on Fri, December 02, 2016 14:21:11

Ten year old Ashraful has been suffering from an ear problem since his early days. It became a chronic problem since his family was not able to provide him with regular treatment. Therefore, the problem was ongoing and he was suffering a lot of pain. Fortunately, he has been helped by one of our supporters for the better treatment. He was brought to a specialist and given medicine for 2 months. After some tests the doctor found that the read his eardrum is perforated. Therefore, the pain continues especially when he gets cold. According to the doctor’s advice, an operation can cure the problem but it would not be safe to execute the surgery until he is 12. The doctor also suggested that the problem might be solved with the proper medicine beforehand.

Ashraful is studying in grade 4. He wants to be a doctor, perhaps his own physical problem made him aim to be a doctor! He is studying attentively, obtaining a good score in all exams. His parents are also doing their best for his better performance.

Thanks to Jessie for contributing for his treatment through our project.

We wish all the best for Ashraful.

Maria João Azeredo contributed to the project money which was raised at her wedding service!

Support Posted on Tue, October 25, 2016 00:33:57

We thank Maria João from the bottom of our hearts for the contribution she made. This contribution will help us to continue our efforts for the education of slum children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her contribution was a surprise for us. We had informed her about the project some time ago so she kept it in mind and took this opportunity to support it.

Personally I ((Palash Roy-founder of Alingan Foundation) have known Maria João from Portugal since January 2010. During my work for slum children in Dhaka, she volunteered to work for the slum community from January to March 2010. She was pretty effective in making some changes in the slum community through different development work. She was loved and respected by the children and their parents in the community, an impression which has remained in her mind and heart and has made her willing to visit them again. She considers the community as her big family.

In one of our last communications, she mentioned:
“Please ask Asma, Amena, Runa, Kodor Banu, Mosharof, Lily, Julhas, Yasin, everyone to pray for me and be happy for me. Tell them that I did not forget my Bangladeshi family and that I wish they could all be with me on this very important day. They will be in my heart. I want very much to go back and I have not forgotten the promise I made. Maybe I will go one day to help Alingan”

We wish her a happy and peacefully married life and that she remains with us like a family.

Bent u geinteresseerd om uw niet langer gebruikte dingen te schenken als steun aan kinderen in armoede?

Support Posted on Thu, August 11, 2016 11:23:46

Schenk uw niet langer gebruikte maar nog te gebruiken dingen om de sloppenwijkkinderen in Bangladesh te ondersteunen

Er zijn andere wegen om armoede te helpen bestrijden dan door sponsorship en financiële ondersteuning. U kan aan ons project deelnemen door niet langer gebruikte maar nog te gebruiken huishouddingen af te leveren bij ons inleverpunt. Wanneer wij een voldoende hoeveelheid aan geschonken items verzameld hebben, kunnen we een “garage verkoop” organiseren of deze verkopen op de vlooienmarkt. Op deze wijze kunnen wij wat fondsen genereren om het project verder te laten lopen.

Wij staan klaar om elk item te accepteren dat u ons zou willen schenken.

Enkele voorbeelden van zulke items :

– elk type kleding en schoenen (zowel voor kinderen als voor volwassenen)
– schoolmateriaal
– boeken en kunstwerkjes
– keukengerei
– electronisch materiaal
– speelgoed
– toiletbenodigdheden
– eetgerei
– elk type glaswerk
– decoratieve stukken
– schilderijen
– etc…

U kan uw giften afleveren aan een van de volgende locaties:

Inleverpunt (met afspraak):
Dambruggestraat 155
2060 Antwerpen

Noteer: graag hadden wij vooraf een telefoontje, sms of email alvorens uw gift af te leveren bij het inleverpunt.

Inleverpunt (zonder afspraak):
Café Strange
Dambruggestraat 161
2060 Antwerpen
Aflevertijd zonder afspraak: Elke dag (behalve maandag) tussen 18.00 u en 23.00 u

Wij doen de verkopen elke woensdag en zaterdag van 11.00u tot 18.00u op het adres Dambruggestraat 155 , 2060 Antwerpen.

Voor meer informatie, consulteer onze website:

of contacteer ons op hiernavolgend adres :

GSM: Jessie: 0473 97 32 37, Palash: 0484339162 (tussen 10.00 en 22.00 u)
Armand: 0474 42 49 01 (tussen 14.00 en 23.00 u)

Thanks on behalf of the children and the project

Support Posted on Tue, June 28, 2016 12:04:44

I would like to thank to everyone from bottom of the heart on behalf of the children and the project. It was not easy to start the project but with the support and encouragement of some great people, we are able to do it.

First of all, thanks to all volunteers in Dhaka for collecting the information of the children and conducting some initial activities to start with. Their help and support made it easy and smooth for us to prepare all the paperwork for the registration of the project in Belgium.

Thanks to Paul Janssens, Armand Everaert and Agnes Emilienne Janssens in Belgium who joined the board of the project and thanks to those kind people especially to Ron, Stefan Dewitte and Stefan Meynen who supported us different ways to establish the project.

There is no end of thanks giving to Michael Bristable from UK who helped from the beginning by reviewing all the papers, children’s biographies and website in English with his great patience. Thanks to all my friends and great people around the world who encouraged me to go ahead with my commitment to support those underprivileged children in Dhaka.

And thanks in advance to all people of kindness who are willing to support to the children.

Sincerely yours,
Palash Roy

School materials are provided to 50 slum children

Support Posted on Sat, March 19, 2016 23:31:20

We started our first support to the children by providing some school materials. It was not enough but it will help children anyway. The materials were provided to 50 slum children. They were very happy to have some new things for their studies especially for drawing. Children are always interested in drawing. They were very enthusiastic to draw something immediately to represent their talents 🙂 It was our pleasure to see their smiling face and their enthusiasm. We believe that this little support will encourage them to continue studies regularly.

We are looking forward to expand the support for the things that they need most to continue their studies.

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