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Lockdown Food Distribution Program, 2021

Activities, Events, Support Posted on Sun, July 04, 2021 18:44:14

Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, Bangladesh is currently in strict lockdown. Everything is closed except emergency services. The daily laborers are suffering greatly as a result of this lockdown. Many of the parents of our foundation’s children earn money on a regular basis. They are unable to earn a living and feed their families as a result of the lockdowns. Their family is wracked with troubles. So, we decided to provide them some basic foods like rice, daal, and potatoes to help them get through the lockdown. We gave these foods to 20 families of our foundation. They are overjoyed. They claimed that these foods would help them throughout the lockdown. They are grateful to all of the supporters as well as the Alingan Foundation.

Thank you, Mr. Tod and Mr. Kirkup

Support Posted on Mon, May 10, 2021 16:54:16

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Tod and Mr. Kirkup for their love and support to the children and donation to the foundation. Their help and kindness mean a lot to us. Their contribution will make sure that the children receive an education. Millions of thanks to them for their great generosity! We greatly appreciate their donation and their sacrifice. Their support helps us to further our mission by helping children to receive an education. Their support is invaluable to us, Thank you again!

Support the needy in lockdown

Support Posted on Wed, May 05, 2021 18:11:44

Bangladesh is currently in lockdown due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Educational institutions, offices, transportations everything is closed. While it is for the public’s safety, it has a negative impact on those who make a living on a daily basis. Slum-dwellers, in particular. Owing to the lockdown, many parents of our foundation’s children have already lost their jobs and are unable to work. They are having a difficult time purchasing basic needs. They are struggling to raise a family. They are in desperate need of our love and help. Your small contribution can be a huge help to them.

A contribution can be made directly to the project’s bank account:

For more information regarding the project and programs, you may consult the website:

Facebook Page:

Drawing Competition, 2021

Activities, Events, Support Posted on Wed, March 24, 2021 18:34:29

Alingan Foundation arranged a drawing competition for the first time ever on 5th March 2021. Our children have many talents like dancing, singing, acting and also drawing. Alingan Foundation arranged a drawing competition so that they could display their talent. We were amazed to see how beautifully they can draw!

We started our competition at 4 PM. We gave them one and a half hours for the competition and also provided them all the necessary things to use. They were all so excited that they came beautifully dressed. They were all in a festive mood. They started to draw as soon as the time started. They were all very focused on doing their best. They were drawing different kinds of things such as Shahid Minar (a national monument established to commemorate those killed during the Bengali language movement in 1952), the National Martyrs Memorial, Scenes of Bangladesh, war scenes, etc. All the drawings were beautiful. We didn’t know that they had this beautiful talent. When the time was over, we collected their drawings. At the end of the competition, we distributed some healthy snacks like apples, cakes, etc.

The children were really very happy with the day. They all said that they are very thankful to the Alingan Foundation for arranging this competition and they would like to attend such competitions in the future also. We are also very pleased to have make them happy.

Season’s Greetings

Events, Support Posted on Thu, December 17, 2020 16:46:20

The children wish you a happy Christmas and a safe and peaceful new year 2021!

We all know it’s been a rough year but all we can do is hope it gets better in 2021.The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.

A contribution towards the project to help the children can be made directly to project’s bank account:

For more information regarding the project and programs, you may consult the website:


Thank you.

Worth Visiting the Children!

Events, Support, Visitor and Volunteer Posted on Wed, February 19, 2020 22:57:52

Welcome reception:

There were happy and excited faces!

The children of Alingan Foundation were ready to welcome the founder of the project Mr. Palash Roy, after 2 years and with him, one of the supporters Mr. Detlef Schultze on 20th December 2019. After lots of preparation and initiatives, the children made the reception memorable. And how well they did! They presented the best of their talents performing, singing, dancing and so on wearing colorful festive dresses. After a short motivational speech by Mr. Roy and Mr. Schultze, the children were provided with some clothes which were brought by them from Belgium. Food and drinks were also provided at the end of the occasion. One of the children led the whole occasion.

Afterwards, with a group of children, they visited some of the children’s families in the slum. They live in a massive slum in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh where about 100,000 people live. It was shocking to see their poor living conditions. The whole family lives in one room with some sleeping on a bed and the rest sleeping on the floor. Water penetrates when it rains. Some children drop out from school and start child labour for the family to survive. Some girls get married very young.

After visiting the families, it was time to leave for the day – but how? The children seemed to keep them forever. However, they promised to visit them again soon.

Another day full of joy and happiness as promised!

This took the form of an excursion with the children to the planetarium in Dhaka. We all traveled to that place by bus, and on the way, there was lots of fun, dancing and singing and so on. In the planetarium, they watched a short documentary about the struggles to make Bangladesh free from west Pakistan under the leadership of Sheikh Mujubor Rahman, the father of the present prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. Then they watched an exciting show teaching about the universe of galaxies, stars and black holes in space.

The children are always glad to take part in different activities that bring them out of the slum for a few hours or a day.
Again, it was time to say goodbye as they had to return to Belgium in the evening of the same day. It was so hard for them to leave as children never let them go.

After the visits to the children, it was crystal clear that those children need help for their living and education as well as they need love and care. The children didn’t want to leave Mr. Roy and Mr. Schultze because they experienced love, care and freedom, which is not a regular occurrence in their daily life in the slum.

A little support will save Asia from child labor to school

Support Posted on Sun, January 14, 2018 16:52:41

11-year-old Asia Akter was studying in grade 6. Asia is the eldest of 3 siblings. They live in a small room of a tin shed slum house along with her parents. Asia is a very polite and brilliant student. She has attended the Alingan project since its beginning and has participated in all the activities of the project.

Her father (40) works as rickshaw driver and her mother works as housemaid. It’s getting almost impossible for her family to continue the cost of her studies after fulfilling the basic needs such as food, house rent etc. Therefore, Asia has had to leave school and start working as a housemaid to support the family financially. After talking to her, it was pathetic to see how she wanted to attend school in preference to working. All she wants is to continue her studies and make a better career so that she can lift her family from the poverty. She has to start working with tears.

It’s still not too late to get her admitted to new school year if she is being supported for her studies. Her family is happy to send her back to school if her school tuition fees and basic needs are supported.

Asia is a genuine girl like so many other slum children who are being forced to work to survive. The helpless families wait until their children are just about old enough to work because they are not able to afford their basic needs. A little help can bring those underprivileged children to their right destiny and to break the cycle of their poverty.

An estimate of monthly costs for Asia is:

Education and Tuition- € 10
Food & Medications – € 15
Clothing and supplement- € 5
Average amount needed per month= € 30

The contribution to Asia can be made monthly/quarterly to the following project account:

Account name: Alingan Foundation
Account Nummber/ IBAN: BE61363162269017

Project’s account address:
Mechelsesteenweg 23/22
2018 AntwerpenBelgium (EU)

You can also make your donation online via paypal or credit card as mentioned in the link:

Let’s educate 100 slum children

Support Posted on Wed, June 21, 2017 13:13:47

The object of this project is to help 100 slum children in Bangladesh for their education. These are primarily orphans and children growing up in slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who are vulnerable and under-privileged and often in dire need of education, basic medical care, food and clothing. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. If we can make this work, we will be nearer our aim that poverty will disappear from the world and everyone will live a standard life in equality.

Child labor in Bangladesh is huge and that comes from the need to survive with their families. Many children live with their families, either on the streets or in slum houses. Other children live on their own because they have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents. Children also run away from their families or carers, fleeing poverty and physical abuse, and end up living and working alone on the streets.

To break the ongoing cycle of poverty of the slum dwellers we have found that the only way that we can guarantee the children a better future, is through providing a solid education. We believe that through education, slum children can grow up with the knowledge and ability to break the cycle of poverty in their whole community. We expect to ensure a better education for them and provide all related support to allow them to go to school.

We are determined to cover 100 children under educational support and ensure the support continues until they complete their studies. After completing their studies, they will be capable of finding a better career and will be able to bring their whole family out of the slum where they can find the light of their life, live with dignity and with full protection of their basic human rights.

It was pretty challenging to establish the “Alingan Foundation” project and let it run to support the children for their education. We were not able to collect a sufficient fund to support our listed 100 children overall in the last year, but we tried our best to support some children based on their most essential needs. We are hoping to cover all the children under support until they finish their school till graduation so that they are able to find a good career and leave poverty forever.

A little contribution and support from you would help and encourage us to go ahead with the long-term prospect of breaking the cycle of poverty of slum dwellers through education.

For more information and to make your contribution, please visit the website:

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