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Worth Visiting the Children!

Events, Support, Visitor and Volunteer Posted on Wed, February 19, 2020 22:57:52

Welcome reception:

There were happy and excited faces!

The children of Alingan Foundation were ready to welcome the founder of the project Mr. Palash Roy, after 2 years and with him, one of the supporters Mr. Detlef Schultze on 20th December 2019. After lots of preparation and initiatives, the children made the reception memorable. And how well they did! They presented the best of their talents performing, singing, dancing and so on wearing colorful festive dresses. After a short motivational speech by Mr. Roy and Mr. Schultze, the children were provided with some clothes which were brought by them from Belgium. Food and drinks were also provided at the end of the occasion. One of the children led the whole occasion.

Afterwards, with a group of children, they visited some of the children’s families in the slum. They live in a massive slum in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh where about 100,000 people live. It was shocking to see their poor living conditions. The whole family lives in one room with some sleeping on a bed and the rest sleeping on the floor. Water penetrates when it rains. Some children drop out from school and start child labour for the family to survive. Some girls get married very young.

After visiting the families, it was time to leave for the day – but how? The children seemed to keep them forever. However, they promised to visit them again soon.

Another day full of joy and happiness as promised!

This took the form of an excursion with the children to the planetarium in Dhaka. We all traveled to that place by bus, and on the way, there was lots of fun, dancing and singing and so on. In the planetarium, they watched a short documentary about the struggles to make Bangladesh free from west Pakistan under the leadership of Sheikh Mujubor Rahman, the father of the present prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. Then they watched an exciting show teaching about the universe of galaxies, stars and black holes in space.

The children are always glad to take part in different activities that bring them out of the slum for a few hours or a day.
Again, it was time to say goodbye as they had to return to Belgium in the evening of the same day. It was so hard for them to leave as children never let them go.

After the visits to the children, it was crystal clear that those children need help for their living and education as well as they need love and care. The children didn’t want to leave Mr. Roy and Mr. Schultze because they experienced love, care and freedom, which is not a regular occurrence in their daily life in the slum.

An excursion of happy and excited children to Dhaka on 1 March’19.

Events Posted on Thu, March 28, 2019 13:29:34

On 1st March, the children of the Alingan Foundation made a memorable day-trip to visit some historical places in Dhaka such as the Shahid Minar, Suhrawardy Udyan Ekushey book fair and Bangladesh National Museum. They enjoyed the day and experienced new things with lots of fun and pleasure.

Firstly, they visited the Shahid Minar. Though they have seen the replicas of the Shahid Minar in virtual reality, they were so happy to see it for real. They visited the book fair for the first time and were amazed to see the display of books on the stalls. They went to historical Suhrawardy Uddan and had some fun and played some games. After taking lunch, they went to the National Museum and experienced so many things that they had never seen before. They learned a great deal about their homeland and its history. The whole day tour allowed them to experience much which will let them proceed to learn more and more.

They are very grateful to the foundation for organizing such an amazing tour. They are hoping that they will be able to join more tours in Dhaka and around Bangladesh organized by the foundation so that they will be able to extended their knowledge and derive fun and pleasure in their learning.

Children celebrated the 2nd anniversary!

Events Posted on Fri, May 18, 2018 13:37:18

The children celebrated the 2nd anniversary (2nd of May) of The Alingan Foundation with lots of fun and pleasure. They danced,sang and recited poems etc and made the anniversary memorable. They enjoyed sharing cake with one another. Some school stationery was also provided for their studies.

On the 2nd anniversary, we would like to thank all those who supported us financially and morally in running the project. We are running a charity shop in Antwerp, Belgium where we sell second-hand goods twice a week. We are blessed with people in the neighborhood who are donating their unnecessary items to the shop and we would like to thank the people who are supporting the project through buying goods from the shop. The little fund we collect from sales is certainly a great help in running the project.

We would also like to thank to all the visitors from all over the world who have already visited the project and the children and who have provided them some necessary items. We encourage everybody to visit the children or volunteer through our project in Dhaka. This is the best way for the children to gain knowledge and acquire the ability more and more to become first-class citizens.

A little contribution and support would help and encourage us to go ahead for another year with the prospect of breaking the cycle of poverty for the slum dwellers in Dhaka through education.

Children celebrated the first anniversary!

Events Posted on Thu, May 11, 2017 15:11:58

The Children have celebrated the first anniversary of Alingan Foundation on 2nd May 2017. This is the day we started our official journey to serve slum children in Korail, Dhaka in 2016.

It was very exciting and enjoyable day for us and the children. They were dressed wonderfully and colorfully. Few of them were costumed in Bengali traditional dress “Shari”. They arranged themselves very beautifully. They were so excited and happy to celebrate the first anniversary. Few of them came earlier to decorate the project room.

We started the program by singing our national anthem. And then some of the children performed dancing, singing, reciting poems, telling stories etc. Others were an enjoyable audience. As a gift for celebrating the first anniversary, we provided each child some school stationaries for their studies. And also provided them some snacks on the occasion as well. They enjoyed a lot the day and expressed to celebrate the anniversary every year.

It was pretty challenging to establish the project and let it run to support the children for their education. We were not able to collect a significant fund to support our listed 100 children overall in last 1 year. But yet, we tried our best to support some children based on their most essential needs. We are hoping to cover all the children under support until they finish their school till graduation so that they are able to find a good career and came out their poverty forever.

On the first anniversary, we thank to all supporters who supported us financially and morally to run the project. We were able to run the small sale twice in a week in Antwerp, Belgium for the support of people around who donated their unnecessary items for the sale. The little fund we collected from sale was a great help to run the project.

We also thank to all the visitors from all over the world who already visited the project and the children and provided them some necessary items. We encourage everybody to visit or volunteer the children through our project on the ground in Dhaka. This is the best way for the children to gain their knowledge and ability more and more to become a first-class citizen.

A little contribution and support from you would help and encourage us to go ahead another year on the prospect to break the cycle of poverty of the slum dwellers in Dhaka through education.

The children observed Bangladesh Victory Day!

Events Posted on Thu, December 22, 2016 20:52:50

The slum children of Alingan Foundation were very enthusiastic in observing Victory Day on 16th of December.

Victory day is a national holiday in Bangladesh, celebrated on December 16 to commemorate the victory of the Allied forces’ High Command over the Pakistani forces in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

They started the celebration by singing the national anthem and then performed their recreational talents of singing, dancing and others. The celebration was ended by providing them with some school stationery which will be helpful in starting their new academic year. They were also given some food for the event.

We wish them a start full of hope and encouragement to their academic year and a successful outcome at the end of it.

Another garage sale was held on Sunday, 7th August

Events Posted on Mon, August 08, 2016 16:00:44

After collecting a significant amount of donated items, we organized another garage sale on Sunday. 7th August. We would like to thank to everybody for your great care providing the donated items to support the project. It was a surprise for us to receive such a huge amount of donated items in a short period of notice. It took some time to sort out all the items and make them ready for the garage sale on 7th Sunday starting at 11.30 hrs.

Thanks to Nathalie and her family for your initial idea of providing the items to the project
Thanks to Sus and Jessie for being so kind as to provide all the things
Thanks to Hilde for paking the items
Thanks to Leen and Silke for driving the things to the garage
Thanks to Paul and Jessie for coordinating the distributions of the donated items.
Thanks to the neighbors of the garage sale who provided few electronic stuff
and Thanks to Armand for allowing us to use your garage again for the sale

We would be delighted to have any further assistance from your end.

The list of donated items we received:

– Clothes and shoes
– Children’s books and toys
– Framed painted pictures
– Kitchen utensils
– Electronic Equipment
– Bedroom items
– some glasses
– Show pieces

Thanks to all customers who supported the project by buying the donated items.