The Children have celebrated the first anniversary of Alingan Foundation on 2nd May 2017. This is the day we started our official journey to serve slum children in Korail, Dhaka in 2016.

It was very exciting and enjoyable day for us and the children. They were dressed wonderfully and colorfully. Few of them were costumed in Bengali traditional dress “Shari”. They arranged themselves very beautifully. They were so excited and happy to celebrate the first anniversary. Few of them came earlier to decorate the project room.

We started the program by singing our national anthem. And then some of the children performed dancing, singing, reciting poems, telling stories etc. Others were an enjoyable audience. As a gift for celebrating the first anniversary, we provided each child some school stationaries for their studies. And also provided them some snacks on the occasion as well. They enjoyed a lot the day and expressed to celebrate the anniversary every year.

It was pretty challenging to establish the project and let it run to support the children for their education. We were not able to collect a significant fund to support our listed 100 children overall in last 1 year. But yet, we tried our best to support some children based on their most essential needs. We are hoping to cover all the children under support until they finish their school till graduation so that they are able to find a good career and came out their poverty forever.

On the first anniversary, we thank to all supporters who supported us financially and morally to run the project. We were able to run the small sale twice in a week in Antwerp, Belgium for the support of people around who donated their unnecessary items for the sale. The little fund we collected from sale was a great help to run the project.

We also thank to all the visitors from all over the world who already visited the project and the children and provided them some necessary items. We encourage everybody to visit or volunteer the children through our project on the ground in Dhaka. This is the best way for the children to gain their knowledge and ability more and more to become a first-class citizen.

A little contribution and support from you would help and encourage us to go ahead another year on the prospect to break the cycle of poverty of the slum dwellers in Dhaka through education.