I would like to thank to everyone from bottom of the heart on behalf of the children and the project. It was not easy to start the project but with the support and encouragement of some great people, we are able to do it.

First of all, thanks to all volunteers in Dhaka for collecting the information of the children and conducting some initial activities to start with. Their help and support made it easy and smooth for us to prepare all the paperwork for the registration of the project in Belgium.

Thanks to Paul Janssens, Armand Everaert and Agnes Emilienne Janssens in Belgium who joined the board of the project and thanks to those kind people especially to Ron, Stefan Dewitte and Stefan Meynen who supported us different ways to establish the project.

There is no end of thanks giving to Michael Bristable from UK who helped from the beginning by reviewing all the papers, children’s biographies and website in English with his great patience. Thanks to all my friends and great people around the world who encouraged me to go ahead with my commitment to support those underprivileged children in Dhaka.

And thanks in advance to all people of kindness who are willing to support to the children.

Sincerely yours,
Palash Roy