11-year-old Asia Akter was studying in grade 6. Asia is the eldest of 3 siblings. They live in a small room of a tin shed slum house along with her parents. Asia is a very polite and brilliant student. She has attended the Alingan project since its beginning and has participated in all the activities of the project.

Her father (40) works as rickshaw driver and her mother works as housemaid. It’s getting almost impossible for her family to continue the cost of her studies after fulfilling the basic needs such as food, house rent etc. Therefore, Asia has had to leave school and start working as a housemaid to support the family financially. After talking to her, it was pathetic to see how she wanted to attend school in preference to working. All she wants is to continue her studies and make a better career so that she can lift her family from the poverty. She has to start working with tears.

It’s still not too late to get her admitted to new school year if she is being supported for her studies. Her family is happy to send her back to school if her school tuition fees and basic needs are supported.

Asia is a genuine girl like so many other slum children who are being forced to work to survive. The helpless families wait until their children are just about old enough to work because they are not able to afford their basic needs. A little help can bring those underprivileged children to their right destiny and to break the cycle of their poverty.

An estimate of monthly costs for Asia is:

Education and Tuition- € 10
Food & Medications – € 15
Clothing and supplement- € 5
Average amount needed per month= € 30

The contribution to Asia can be made monthly/quarterly to the following project account:

Account name: Alingan Foundation
Account Nummber/ IBAN: BE61363162269017

Project’s account address:
Mechelsesteenweg 23/22
2018 AntwerpenBelgium (EU)

You can also make your donation online via paypal or credit card as mentioned in the link: http://alingan.org/donation.html