Ten year old Ashraful has been suffering from an ear problem since his early days. It became a chronic problem since his family was not able to provide him with regular treatment. Therefore, the problem was ongoing and he was suffering a lot of pain. Fortunately, he has been helped by one of our supporters for the better treatment. He was brought to a specialist and given medicine for 2 months. After some tests the doctor found that the read his eardrum is perforated. Therefore, the pain continues especially when he gets cold. According to the doctor’s advice, an operation can cure the problem but it would not be safe to execute the surgery until he is 12. The doctor also suggested that the problem might be solved with the proper medicine beforehand.

Ashraful is studying in grade 4. He wants to be a doctor, perhaps his own physical problem made him aim to be a doctor! He is studying attentively, obtaining a good score in all exams. His parents are also doing their best for his better performance.

Thanks to Jessie for contributing for his treatment through our project.

We wish all the best for Ashraful.