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Children celebrated the first anniversary!

Events Posted on Thu, May 11, 2017 15:11:58

The Children have celebrated the first anniversary of Alingan Foundation on 2nd May 2017. This is the day we started our official journey to serve slum children in Korail, Dhaka in 2016.

It was very exciting and enjoyable day for us and the children. They were dressed wonderfully and colorfully. Few of them were costumed in Bengali traditional dress “Shari”. They arranged themselves very beautifully. They were so excited and happy to celebrate the first anniversary. Few of them came earlier to decorate the project room.

We started the program by singing our national anthem. And then some of the children performed dancing, singing, reciting poems, telling stories etc. Others were an enjoyable audience. As a gift for celebrating the first anniversary, we provided each child some school stationaries for their studies. And also provided them some snacks on the occasion as well. They enjoyed a lot the day and expressed to celebrate the anniversary every year.

It was pretty challenging to establish the project and let it run to support the children for their education. We were not able to collect a significant fund to support our listed 100 children overall in last 1 year. But yet, we tried our best to support some children based on their most essential needs. We are hoping to cover all the children under support until they finish their school till graduation so that they are able to find a good career and came out their poverty forever.

On the first anniversary, we thank to all supporters who supported us financially and morally to run the project. We were able to run the small sale twice in a week in Antwerp, Belgium for the support of people around who donated their unnecessary items for the sale. The little fund we collected from sale was a great help to run the project.

We also thank to all the visitors from all over the world who already visited the project and the children and provided them some necessary items. We encourage everybody to visit or volunteer the children through our project on the ground in Dhaka. This is the best way for the children to gain their knowledge and ability more and more to become a first-class citizen.

A little contribution and support from you would help and encourage us to go ahead another year on the prospect to break the cycle of poverty of the slum dwellers in Dhaka through education.

Tracey Humphreys from Australia and Theophilus from Singapore recently visited the project

Visitor and Volunteer Posted on Mon, March 27, 2017 21:22:11

Tracey Humphreys from Australia and Theophilus from Singapore recently visited the project.

Tracey was visiting Bangladesh for a short period of time. Even in her busy schedule while in Bangladesh, she was interested in visiting the children of the Alingan Foundation. She spent a wonderful time with the children, teaching them origami. She was impressed with the project. She found Alingan to be a safe means of supporting and contributing to the children’s education. She let her family and friends know about the project via social media. She expressed an interest in visiting the children again on her next visit to Bangladesh.

Theophilus came to know the project and was interested in visiting it before leaving for Singapore. He is passionately interested in children’s welfare and especially for children who are underprivileged. His interest in children prompted him to visit the children of the Alingan Foundation. He provided some school stationary for them and spent a pleasant and fun time with them. He enjoyed seeing their smiling faces.

It was a great pleasure for the children to find Tracy and Theoplhilus with them. We hope to have regular visitors and volunteers who would benefit the children by expanding their knowledge and enabling them to become first class citizens.

Captain David Ring and Sharon visited the project and the children

Visitor and Volunteer Posted on Mon, February 06, 2017 23:32:55

It was a great pleasure to find our foreign visitors David Ring, captain of Emirates Airlines and Sharon with the children of the project. Captain David has supported children of different projects in Bangladesh now for many years by donating items, inviting people to visit and volunteering for the children. He has also personally sponsored a child in Dhaka for several years. His kind heart for under privileged children is highly appreciated.

They donated some clothes, stationery and other necessities to the children and also visited a few families of their families. The children were very excited to be with them. They had a pleasant time and they performed some recreational activities for them.

Visiting and volunteering for the children can be a great part of support in making a difference to the quality of children’s lives. The children would be blessed to find regular visitors and volunteers with them to let their knowledge and talent expand.

Garage sale to raise fund for the children

Activities Posted on Thu, January 19, 2017 10:45:44

There are ways to help combat poverty other than by sponsorship or financial support. You can take part in our project by providing unwanted and unnecessary household items, clothing, educational materials etc to our following drop off points. We can pass on donations to the children and their families. Alternatively, when we collect sufficient amount of donated items, we can arrange for a garage sale or to sell the donated items in the flea market. In this way we may collect some funds to run the project.

You can also bring your donations with you on your visit to Bangladesh or Belgium and make contact with one of our staffs to arrange collection from your destination or you can drop your donationed items to one of our drop off points. You can also make your donation directly to the children and their families during your visit in Bangladesh. This applies equally to foreigners and to residents of Bangladesh.

An example of donated items:

– All type of clothes and shoes (both children’s and adult)
– School materials
– Books and paintings
– Kitchen utensils
– Electronic Equipment
– Toys
– Toiletries
– Bedroom items
– Dining items
– All types of glasses
– Show pieces
– Ornaments
– And so on

Note: please make sure that your donated items can be reused.

You are requested to drop your donated items to one of the following locations:

Drop off point in Belgium (with appointment):
Dambruggestraat 155
2060 Antwerpen
Note: Please let us know via phone call, sms or email before you drop the donations to the above address.
We are doing the garage sale on the above address every Wednesday and Friday from 11.00am till 6pm. You can also bring your donated items during the sale.

Drop off point in Belgium (without appointment):
Cafe Strange
Dambruggestraat 161
2060 Antwerpen
Delivery time: Everyday except monday from 6pm till 11pm.

Drop off point in Bangladesh:
Alingan Foundation
House no- 1, Unit- kha169
Korail Bosti (Beside the Nurani Mosque)
Banani, Dhaka-1213


Cell: Jessie: 0473 97 32 37,
Palash: 0484 33 91 62 (between 10am and 10pm-Belgium time)
Armand: 0474 42 49 01 (between 2pm and 10pm-Belgium time)

The children observed Bangladesh Victory Day!

Events Posted on Thu, December 22, 2016 20:52:50

The slum children of Alingan Foundation were very enthusiastic in observing Victory Day on 16th of December.

Victory day is a national holiday in Bangladesh, celebrated on December 16 to commemorate the victory of the Allied forces’ High Command over the Pakistani forces in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

They started the celebration by singing the national anthem and then performed their recreational talents of singing, dancing and others. The celebration was ended by providing them with some school stationery which will be helpful in starting their new academic year. They were also given some food for the event.

We wish them a start full of hope and encouragement to their academic year and a successful outcome at the end of it.

Christmas Greetings!

Support Posted on Sat, December 10, 2016 16:51:29

The children of Alingan Founation wish you a very happy Christmas!

“May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round”.

The Christmas season is a good time to start thinking about helping other people. This includes providing food, clothing and other basic needs for the children to enable them to experience the joy of the Christmas Season, giving warmth, love and hope: a time to share our good fortune with our neighbors in need across the world.

Let’s make this holiday season special by helping a child’s dream come true.

Any donation option will help grant the wishes of children for their essential basic needs:

Donate any amount of money which can be used to provide some food, winter clothes, shoes and other essential things. Slum children in Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable. Many are sleeping on the cold ground wearing cotton shirts and a simple cough can quickly escalate into something much more serious. Some children are suffering from various common diseases and lack proper treatment. A little help can protect them from this suffering.

Support children on a regular basis for their education. To break their ongoing cycle of poverty we have found that the only way that we can guarantee the children a better future, is through providing a solid education. We believe that through education, slum children can grow up with the knowledge and ability to break the cycle of poverty in their whole community.

(1 euro can feed 2 slum children for a day!)

You can make your money donation to the following:

Account name: Alingan Foundation
Account Nummber/ IBAN: BE61363162269017

Project’s account address:
Mechelsesteenweg 23/22
2018 Antwerpen
Belgium (EU)

To make your contribution via paypal or credit card, please check the donation page of the website:

For more information regarding the project and programs, please have a look in the website:

Thanks for staying with us.

Little Ashraful is under better treatment!

Support Posted on Fri, December 02, 2016 14:21:11

Ten year old Ashraful has been suffering from an ear problem since his early days. It became a chronic problem since his family was not able to provide him with regular treatment. Therefore, the problem was ongoing and he was suffering a lot of pain. Fortunately, he has been helped by one of our supporters for the better treatment. He was brought to a specialist and given medicine for 2 months. After some tests the doctor found that the read his eardrum is perforated. Therefore, the pain continues especially when he gets cold. According to the doctor’s advice, an operation can cure the problem but it would not be safe to execute the surgery until he is 12. The doctor also suggested that the problem might be solved with the proper medicine beforehand.

Ashraful is studying in grade 4. He wants to be a doctor, perhaps his own physical problem made him aim to be a doctor! He is studying attentively, obtaining a good score in all exams. His parents are also doing their best for his better performance.

Thanks to Jessie for contributing for his treatment through our project.

We wish all the best for Ashraful.

Maria João Azeredo contributed to the project money which was raised at her wedding service!

Support Posted on Tue, October 25, 2016 00:33:57

We thank Maria João from the bottom of our hearts for the contribution she made. This contribution will help us to continue our efforts for the education of slum children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her contribution was a surprise for us. We had informed her about the project some time ago so she kept it in mind and took this opportunity to support it.

Personally I ((Palash Roy-founder of Alingan Foundation) have known Maria João from Portugal since January 2010. During my work for slum children in Dhaka, she volunteered to work for the slum community from January to March 2010. She was pretty effective in making some changes in the slum community through different development work. She was loved and respected by the children and their parents in the community, an impression which has remained in her mind and heart and has made her willing to visit them again. She considers the community as her big family.

In one of our last communications, she mentioned:
“Please ask Asma, Amena, Runa, Kodor Banu, Mosharof, Lily, Julhas, Yasin, everyone to pray for me and be happy for me. Tell them that I did not forget my Bangladeshi family and that I wish they could all be with me on this very important day. They will be in my heart. I want very much to go back and I have not forgotten the promise I made. Maybe I will go one day to help Alingan”

We wish her a happy and peacefully married life and that she remains with us like a family.

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