After collecting a significant amount of donated items, we organized another garage sale on Sunday. 7th August. We would like to thank to everybody for your great care providing the donated items to support the project. It was a surprise for us to receive such a huge amount of donated items in a short period of notice. It took some time to sort out all the items and make them ready for the garage sale on 7th Sunday starting at 11.30 hrs.

Thanks to Nathalie and her family for your initial idea of providing the items to the project
Thanks to Sus and Jessie for being so kind as to provide all the things
Thanks to Hilde for paking the items
Thanks to Leen and Silke for driving the things to the garage
Thanks to Paul and Jessie for coordinating the distributions of the donated items.
Thanks to the neighbors of the garage sale who provided few electronic stuff
and Thanks to Armand for allowing us to use your garage again for the sale

We would be delighted to have any further assistance from your end.

The list of donated items we received:

– Clothes and shoes
– Children’s books and toys
– Framed painted pictures
– Kitchen utensils
– Electronic Equipment
– Bedroom items
– some glasses
– Show pieces

Thanks to all customers who supported the project by buying the donated items.