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Let’s Help Samia Akter to Continue her Education

Support Posted on Thu, February 03, 2022 08:41:41

Samia Akter is a 14 years old girl who lives in a slum called Korail in Dhaka city in Bangladesh. She is currently studying at T&T Adarsha Girls High School in class 9. She is very brilliant and very attentive in her studies. She wants to become a doctor in the future. Samia has a brother named Tapon Islam and a sister named Roji Aktar.
Samia’s father is Mofijul Islam (48) who does not work now due to his sickness and Bokrul Begum (46) is her mother who is a housemaid. Tapon Islam, Samia’s brother is a rickshaw puller and married, he is living with his own family and Roji Aktar is also a student like Samia.
Samia’s mother lost her full-time permanent job as a result of the pandemic, and now she only works part-time and earns a pittance, making it difficult for the family to exist. As a result, Samia’s mother couldn’t afford to pay for both of her daughters’ educations on her own, so she decided to put Samia’s education on hold. Samia does not want to leave school and is eager to finish her studies in any case. As a result, she requires assistance in order to finish her education and be a successful doctor.

Support the needy in lockdown

Support Posted on Wed, May 05, 2021 18:11:44

Bangladesh is currently in lockdown due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Educational institutions, offices, transportations everything is closed. While it is for the public’s safety, it has a negative impact on those who make a living on a daily basis. Slum-dwellers, in particular. Owing to the lockdown, many parents of our foundation’s children have already lost their jobs and are unable to work. They are having a difficult time purchasing basic needs. They are struggling to raise a family. They are in desperate need of our love and help. Your small contribution can be a huge help to them.

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